Friday, August 21, 2009

Thank the lords of Reality TV (competition series)

Did any one else notice that Project Runway and Top Chef are back? Heck yes they are. They have also managed to make Wednesday/Thursday an awesome one-two punch for the rest of the summer! My love of Project Runway is long and deep. I may one of the few people in America who watched the first season (the first time) Oh Jay McCarroll (I heart you). Season number 1 is still my favorite- the drama is just so much better. The de-facing of home photos, too much drinking, constant smoking and backstabbing makeovers. Plus the contestants had more time on their hands to bitch- which we all knows makes awesome TV. I love it, season 2 was almost equally awesome- who can get past Santino's impressions???? Where's Andre? I have had some trepidation about the current season, with the networks fighting over the rights it has been a long wait, and I was worried Lifetime would completely ruin my love- but as it turns out they haven't- yes their commercials are awful, but the season was filmed before Lifetime owned it and therefore is safe! My big and only beef is the Thursday 9 p.m. time slot (people we need to stop scheduling quality programing on Thursday nights.) There is only so much DVR-ing one can handle.
Fall Thursday night line up:
7:00 - Bones, hr (Fox)
8:00- The Office, 1/2 hr (NBC)
8:00- Grey's Anatomy, hr (ABC)
8:00- Fringe, hr (FOX) - currently in last spot for the DVR line
9:00- It's always Sunny, 1/2 hr (FX)
9:00- Project Runway, hr (Lifetime)
This is crazy right? CRAZY..... Scheduling Gods- change something pronto!
I have a few more weeks before I need to seriously start worrying about my DVR's ability but this will be stressful.
Anywho- Top Chef- I heart you. I loved, loved, LOVED Top Chef Masters- and Awesomely Zooey Deschannel was a guest once! Top Chef Las Vegas already looks to be super awesome, I think I am going to be enjoying it!
What are your favorites? Are you a Project Runway fan or a Top Chef fan??

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sarah pekkanen said...

Hi Lynne!
We have a lot in common -- we both love The Office, Emily Giffin, Jodi Picoult....
I'm a new author (with the same publisher as Jodi P., actually) and I'd love it if you'd check out my website and let me know what you think!
Best wishes,