Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Willy

Ok, so lets me honest- anyone else think the world has gone just a "little" crazy over MJ's death? I particularly love how lots of people have forgotten his financial and legal troubles. But that is another post for another day. Lots of people have been sharing their first Michael Jackson memories: so here goes mine.
So in my house, we didn't get a lot of R&B or Urban music exposure. (Go figure, what, we us being the whitest people ever) Essentially if it wasn't on the oldies radio station or in a Disney movie, I didn't hear it. Sorry artists I did not independently discover you until I was at least 12- and even then I didn't listen to good music until high school. But the first time I do remember hearing Michael was at the end of the Free Willy movie. Remember that? First off Free Willy gave me a lot of conflicting information: 1) If you are a homeless street thug an awesome family will totally adopt you- and give you a new blue backpack. 2) Graffiti- actually a good thing, because if you do it, you will get to end up working with a killer whale. 3) If you work with a troubled Killer Whale (who lives in a too small tank) you (and the killer whale) will totally will become BFF's! 4) Crime pays- Graffiti (mentioned above), and stealing a Killer Whale, kids please don't worry about jail time- just Free Willy!
But yeah- it has been years and years and years, but I am pretty positive that Michael sings a song at the end of that movie. I want to say he is standing on a break between the beach and the ocean- and then a huge wave crashes over him. It moved me, like no song ever could to a third grader. This was an innocent time- yes Michael's appearance was probably already really weird, but he sang and Willy was free. It was years before I purposely listened to another Michael Jackson song. This week I was shocked to discover his vast catalog. Anyway- great artist yes, but he hasn't made any great music in a decade, so I will just continue to youtube your oldies.

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