Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Must have been glamorizing cleaning again...

A couple of weeks ago I decided the heck with it was I going to spend my coke rewards points. I hadn't cashed any in- well, in over 2 years. The first time I got up to enough points for a subscription for Cosmo, I was delighted- cashed them in, and then started to receive and never read it. Cosmo is possibly not a great kind of magazine for me. I pretty much hate all the articles, find none of the advice useful, and the shopping tips offered over my head (because I live in Iowa and practically all the shops featured do me no good). So the next time I had points I just kept collecting and collecting never cashing them in. It seems silly- I should have just used them to buy more coke, that was the only reward I ever really wanted. But no I kept collecting. 2 years later- through my spotty point collecting I had over 1000 pts. And man do the options of junk increase exponentially. Because I have no desire for a coke lunch box, coke t-shirt, coke soft side cooler, this lessened my choices but there was still much to look through. I have no idea what possessed me but eventually I chose this:
My Coke Rewards Prize
It is like a mini vacuum cleaner. It was marketed as great for the computer and other small electronics. It charges through your USB port (do they make anything these days that cannot be powered through your USB port? I am beginning to doubt it). Before ordering it looked a little bigger, I don't know why I was convinced it was- I mean they were pretty clear about the whole this is for electronics thing. But I had this image of my cleaning up crumbs off the counter tops, hard to reach places in the bathroom, windowsills, etc. That is not to say I can't still use it for that. Just that my bubble burst a little when I received it. Maybe I imagined it would be exactly like the handheld vac that was from my childhood. The one that plugged in on the stairs on the way to the garage. Like I would go grab it for small spills and crushed crackers in the carpet. This seems much to fancy for that. And really utterly useless for most things.

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