Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things are happening!

My Fab friend Kelsey totally stole my zombie book to read while she was on vacation. Ok by stole- I mean I said she could borrow it, and when she forgot it I tracked down her friend to make sure she would get it before she left. So I guess that means I reverse pick pocketed myself.

Yeah. Anywho- this means I resorted to one of the many "smart looking" books I keep around. You know the ones you are willing to put on the bookshelf in the living room (not the other one you hide in your bedroom) because when people browse them you can go "Oh, yes I just love Dicken's later works." And therefore when you read them with your "smart looking" glasses and a glass of red wine you feel better about who you are.

Well I started reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell- it has been on the bookshelf for a few months at least, I bought it after I watched the mini-series (like 5 times, in a row) but never got around to getting past chapter one. Which frankly is like the first 20 seconds of the mini-series (so not progress). Well ladies and gents- I freaking made progress. If we were watching the mini-series we would be about halfway through episode 3 (out of 4)- and as Liz Lemon would say "Things are happening!" (you practically yell the happening part) Now if I can just not get distracted by Lost ( two more discs have arrived), sleep or the internet, I may have a finished book by Tuesday.

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