Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello SyFy- please don't suck

Here is something everyone might have missed. This week the Sci Fi channel changed it's name to SyFy (they spouted from marketing mumbo jumbo about synergy and alignment of markets- this is stuff I only wish people would pay me to spout). But they also previewed a new show: Warehouse 13:

Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock

Let's be honest, I only watched this show because I loved Eddie McClintock on the show Bones- except I had to hate his character because he was dating Temperance Brennan and we all know that was 100% not ok. Also what is great is- Eddie is essentially playing the exact same character as on Bones- Federal Agent (check) I little be free spirited (check) Comic relief (check). But I want to like this show, mostly for reasons that it is the summer and nothing else is on. But also because I feel like I gave old Eddie a bad shake- hopping he would leave Bones and never come back. So please SyFy- don't suck. I like the premiere, but didn't love it. I can probably script out the next 5 seasons on this show too- they aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before. I still want to like it. I just do. Let's think positive everybody.

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