Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some people might call this progress....

Again- I swear I am reading stuff, just apparently not what I post on my currently reading tab. I figure I can still count it as progress because so far I am eliminating the other books in rotation by finishing them, and I have done a pretty good job at not starting any others to replace them. So by default I am going to get to the freaking zombie book, and by god I am going to read it. I swear! I have made it up to the point of the Netherfield Ball- so I am feeling some accomplishment, but that also means I still have a Mr. Collins proposal, Rosings, Mr. Darcy proposal, Pemberly, Lydia's elopement to get through before I am even close to the end. From the drawings I have snuck a peek at their is some ninja and zombie fighting in there too.

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