Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"I was told there'd be cake" by Sloane Crosley

I would just like to say I freaking loved this book- every single second of it. I have no clue how I didn't immediately devour it when I originally purchased it 1 1/2+ years ago. I probably passed it over from some trashy novel- biggest mistake of my life. It is really a collection was hilarious essays- so if you are unwilling to get caught up in a huge story this book is perfect. I laughed out loud at so many parts it is crazy. One of my favorite passages from Smell This:

Justine brings along her new boyfriend, Trevor. Trevor the investment banker who is not an actual investment banker but works in finance. Since this is the only money-oriented job you come remotely close to grasping, you call everyone who works on Wall Street an "investment banker." You think he actually does something with hedge funds. Trims them, maybe.

The story of how she locked herself out of two different apartments in one day and spent over 500 dollars trying to get back in- charmed me. This is something I will do in a later life for sure. And her recollections of finding out she was named after a movie character and her and her mother's totally lack of connection to anything this character stands for. Pure magic. And as you know I don't have a habit of questioning magic. Read it!

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