Saturday, May 16, 2009

Film Friday

Ok, Ok- it is a little late- I wasn't very inspired by any of the movies I got from netflix this week. So instead I will talk about the last 4 movies I saw in the theatre.

I love you, man: I thought it was hilarious and quote worthy. Rashida Jones is adorable, and I have had a thing for Paul Rudd since clueless- if you haven't seen it yet- you should! It might even be at the cheap theatre by now.

X-men Origins: Wolverine: Again- we have some hottie, I learned plenty of stuff about the X-men, also you don't have to have seen the other X-men movies to enjoy this one.

Star Trek: Highly enjoyable, Chris Pine- so cute, and whoever played his dad not to shabby either! No need to know anything about the originals to enjoy, great action. For the die hard fans- this reboot takes place in an alternate timeline- so the changes they made work.

Angels and Demons- I wasn't expecting to like this one. I haven't read the book (although I have attempted the first few chapters) and I was excited till the end- although I did figure it out before the end- I still enjoyed the ride. My friend Kelsey- who has finished the book said it doesn't follow all of the story lines but she still enjoyed it.

Take someone on a date and enjoy one of these! Get excited Terminator Salvation opens next weekend!


call me Laura said...

Robert is still dying about not seeing Star Trek, he is excited about the alt. time line, leaves the door open for lots more movies and maybe series. We might actually break down and start at the beginning with Lost this summer, our love for JJ Abrams grows!

Shirlee said...

Dan and I both loved Star Trek as well. Really good!

Kelsey! said... my date for terminator?

...i'll definitely need to hold someone's hand...