Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I hear this and think of you....

Years ago, when my sister was in high school, she bought this CD. One day she came home, got my brother and I, and popped this cd into the stereo in the living room. Before I knew it was excitedly waiting to see what she could possibly want all of us to listen to- especially important because I distinctly remember her checking to make sure Mom wasn't home. She set the cd to track 8, and cranked the stereo. This song had curse words all over it, in fact it was even in the title. It seemed so cool that my older sister and brother were sharing something like this, something that was so not allowed, with me (I was only in grade school at the time). I remember the three of us rocking out to that song and a couple of others. Now every time I hear that song, or band I think of Laura. I heard Live on the radio today, and couldn't stop rocking out!


Kelsey Legvold, LEED AP said...

dude Live rocks...'I alone' is a personal fave.

cannot wait for friday. i'm still super stoked about passing my test! thanks for the positive waves you pushed my way!

*please no the identity name*


Shirlee said...

As least you recognized that I wouldn't approve -