Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Remembrance

Although Fox hasn't yet made it official it looks like one of my Fav shows will not be returning next year. Word is it was too expensive to make and didn't have a large enough audience- ultimate sadness: But on the bright side we have Terminator Salvation- only 2 weeks people! Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles- I will miss you.
This one is official- NBC broke my heart 2 weeks ago and announced the AMAZING show Life, will not be returning. This totally blows, because one it was awesome, and two their was some unresolved business (although they did do a pretty good wrap up of the season just in case this would happen). America- lets learn something- We LOVE Damian Lewis- we tend to love him more when he is playing an American- he NEEDS another show- pronto!

Now this is one guy I WILL NOT be missing. Thank you folks. I. HATE. DANNY. WHATSHISNAME. And now he is GONE! Sweet deal- not that I am harboring much hope of Kris Allen actually winning it all- but I will still think positive and maybe even vote a time or two!


Ashley said...

oh booo!! I can't believe you hate danny so much! I loved him...but am still holding out home for Kris to win...unfortunetly I think Adam will though :(

Lynne said...

Agreed- I think it is a long shot for Kris- but I am still hoping!