Monday, May 11, 2009

Why May will Rock my Wooden Shoes Off...

Part 2: TV Shows
May is an exciting month for my favorite television shows! Most of them will be having season finales (not to mention all the exciting sweeps shows I have already experienced- weddings, illness, babies, discos!) This week is going to rock!
Season Finales occurring this week:
How I Met Your Mother- Will Robin and Barney finally get together (again)?, Will Ted make America happy and say Stella is NOT the one (again)?- we find out tonight!
Castle- lackluster season so far, but apparently it has all lead up to tonight's season finale. Come on Nathan Fillion make it interesting!
Bones- Booth and Brennan finally get it on! Now lets hope this show does not go the way of moonlighting!
Grey's Anatomy- Mer and Der finally tie the knot? Christina and Owen- get it together I love you two, and want you to love too! Finally George just might leave- and maybe get a line or two. Izzie- will you survive or die and mess up Alex more???
The Office- Holly finally returns, will it be love for her and Michael? Give me more Andy and Kelly! And some creed too!

Also I might as well admit I have been watching American Idol- and rooting for Kris, and very very very excited about GLEE! Yes May you rock in terms of television!

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