Friday, May 22, 2009

My love....

Going to put this out there: I was 100% NOT disappointed with Terminator Salvation. I am no movie critic, but it did not let me down. I think they did a great job, following the mythology of the previous installments. There are plenty of throwbacks for fans of the original movies- Kyle Reese's "Come with me if you want to live", and his signature weapon. The images of the post-judgement day world was consistent with our original glimpse at it in 1984. The face of Arnold, and voice of Linda Hamilton - delighted me! As you may have figured out I am a huge fan of the Terminator Series, but here are some reasons that even if you aren't why you should watch this movie:

Action Fans: If you like action movies you can't pass this one up. (It is a Terminator movie- for goodness sake!)

Hotties: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington- I will even throw in Common and Anton Yelchin(although I think Anton is more of a cutie) but some day he will get there. All of the men in this movie have that hot dirty look to them- must not be enough water in the post judgement day world. Every women out there will love, LOVE Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright- his eyes are dreamy, his body is smoking, and he sorta slips in and out of an Australian accent (which when I didn't find it distracting, I found it dreamy). Christian Bale- my love for you began at a very young age- remember when you were in Little Women???? I still love you.

Hotties (For the men): Moon Bloodgood, don't ask, just watch. You will thank me.

Romance: Romance in an action movie you say? Yes- check out Sam Worthington and Moon Bloodgood make eyes at each other the whole movie. One disappointment was the lack of heat between John Connor and his wife (which I am going to write off as- people are always dying, she is 8 months pregnant, and he is preoccupied with trying to find and keep his dad alive)

I really really liked it. And I was 100% glad I didn't wait for it to be on DVD. Kelsey- who I drag to movies with me- is not a Terminator fan (she does love action movies though) and she recommended it to watch in the theatre to anyone who likes action.


Yet said...

i sooo wanna see this movie...but i don't wanna pay for the ticket..guess i'll have to wait and see if BF wants to take me.. ps...just dropping in from 20sb!!!

Kristel and John said...

thanks for the review Lynne- although john is still not sure your review is good enough for him to want to see it in the theater (the hotties thing didn't really excite him much :) )