Friday, May 22, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: Terminator Salvation.

OK- lets be honest, I haven't seen it yet. In fact I am scheduled to watch it in about 30 minutes! (SO EXCITED) But here is my problem, I love the Internet and people on there are saying some not so awesome things about my beloved Terminator. Regardless of reviews I am very honest with myself- this is not going to be the next Dark Knight. But then again- anyone seen the other ones? They weren't the Dark Knight either. Frankly I am going to love this movie because it is apart of a franchise I am more than a little too excited and knowledgeable about. Then we have the whole Christian Bale rant- I do not care what he said to some director of photography for 4 and a half minutes. Just be a sweet (as in kick ass, not love able) John Connor and I will forgive you all your sins. I will gladly watch you desperately try to keep your father (Kyle Reese) alive for the next 3 installments, and form a strange alliance with the cyborgs your are trying to stop. So Terminator haters- stay away from me- for at least the next 30 minutes. In the meantime I will keep telling myself this can't be as bad as many of the Horror movies I love.

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