Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why I would pay to see Tim Riggins do almost anything...

Oh! Oh! Taylor/Tim Riggins/Gambit
This is a long awaited readers request. Thank you Alyson for waiting this long for me to get to your request! Alyson (who is awesome, and a brand new graduate- Congrats!) wants to know what I think about TV actors in big budget movies.

Steve Carrell has made a pretty smooth transition, at least in my opinion- he worked steadily on TV; The Daily Show, The Office, all while slowing building his film career, starting with supporting roles in movies like Anchorman, and Bruce Almighty. Steve really hit it big with 40 Year Old Virgin- but he has chosen not to abandon TV, rather he used his popularity to bring a larger audience to The Office. And granted he has made some bombs since 40 Year Old Virgin (Evan Almighty anyone?) At the point Steve is making a money and funny doing both TV and Movies and I would like to see him keep at it. Plus I have hopes he will do better than Evan from now on.

Rainn Wilson is also a good example- while he is mostly a TV actor, he has some several supporting roles and films and even a lead or two- I haven't fallen in love with any of his film work- other than the two scene appearance in Juno (which was beyond amazing) and I didn't hate The Rocker (mostly liked the music).

Now I know what you are thinking- Lynne get to the Hotties! Yes- exactly where we are going.

The Hotties:

John Krasinski- I really hope you are reading this because I think I speak for everyone when I say: I love you, you are adorable and funny, and every girls dream- and I know we all forget which part is you and which is Jim (which has to annoy you a little). But please PLEASE- stop making shitty movies. I cannot handle watching another really really crappy movie just because you, cutie that you are, are in it. I am ashamed to admit I own, no I wasn't smart enough to just rent, but I OWN- License to Wed. Now John- this should have been a good movie, Robin Williams is in general- acknowledged to be a funny guy, you are a cutie, and Mandy Moore has on occasion made a movie that I didn't hate, but instead it was a train wreck. I am not even going to go near Leatherheads- but please John- don't jump at the next crappy movie that puts you as a lead- think about it, make sure it really is worth it.

Patrick Dempsy- Please refer to the above- I cannot watch another crappy movie for you either- i.e. Made of Honor. (But we must remember in the 80's and 90's Patrick was actually a movie star, and TV was his comeback vehicle- not that I am complaining, I actually love Can't Buy Me Love, and McDreamy has made my last couple of years!)

Taylor Kitsch- Now Talyor is where I get a little defensive- unlike my love of John and Patrick, where I am willing to admit their faults, Taylor and I are not quite on that level yet. He still instantly makes movies better for me- The Convent, Wolverine. I find no wrong in him doing any and every movie that comes his way. Plus now that he has graduated from Dillion High- I might have to get used to paying to see movies with him in it, instead of enjoying him for free on TV every week!

So what do you think? Should TV and Movie actors mix? Bad idea? Good idea? Great idea?

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call me Laura said...

What do you think of Lauren Graham, Bad Santa, Evan Almighty both busts, but I liked her in the Pacifier and Because I said so, now she is rocking it on Broadway in Guys and Dolls