Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've joined the club... the shred club

It's a craze ladies and gentlemen- and everyone is doing it! I have read countless blog posts about the kick ass-ness of this DVD workout. And because I am all about conformity- haha, I decided I would have to check it out. The DVD is super affordable- about 8.99 from amazon or walmart.com, and man is it intense. I started out on level 1 yesterday and just completed day 2 about 10 minutes ago. It may have only been about 24 hours since I began- but I can feel it already. Other than being completely sapped and on the floor after yesterday's inaugural tryout, I didn't notice any effect until today at work (oh all those stairs leading up to my office). I always participate in the 2nd round of stretches at work as well and my upper body was definitely feeling it. After work I made a quick trip to walmart, I decided I needed some different hand weights, my existing ones are round and hard to grip during different exercises. I picked up some healthy snacks; bananas, apples, yogurt (which must be a side effect from the 13 hours of Burn Notice I watched this weekend) and also some grocery's I needed- milk and Peanut butter- Why am I telling you my grocery list? Because these all add up to being super heavy. Oh and I park 1/2 block away from my apartment, and oh I have 26 stairs to climb. Lets be honest here- the LAST thing I wanted to do when I got home was get my butt kicked by Jillian. But I did it none the less, mostly because- 1) I try not to give up on stuff so early, 2) as much as I might promise myself I would do it when I woke up- I wouldn't, I hate waking up and then doing stuff, and 3) probably most important Laura already knew I did day 1, she called me last night and we chatted about how tough Jillian is. So in my sleepy tired head all I kept thinking was- but Laura might call and find out I suck. So I got my butt in gear and busted through the whole workout.

Some possible drawbacks of working out at home:
  • Limited living room/workout space (I have to rearrange to simply do the moves, plus I sometimes run into/hit the chains from my ceiling fan)
  • I live above an actual, open for business during the day, store. (Doing jumping jacks and butt kicks might be a little loud for them)

What is great?

  • Convenience
  • I can wear whatever I want (at the gym I feel judged like my clothes aren't cute enough)

So it is out there now people- I am doing the shred! I officially make all you readers responsible for checking up on me- make sure I do not suck!

Hardest Part:

  • Push Ups
  • Jump Rope (I don't think I am coordinated enough to fake jump rope)

What I like the best:

  • Punches- felt the burn right away!


Rachael said...

I can't wait to try the Shred, too. My DVD is in the mail and I can't wait. I've heard such good things about it too

Kristel and John said...

way to go lynne! you'll have to let me know if I should do it on my off running days. I'm always looking for a new workout to mix in.
I'll keep tabs on how you do :)

Julie and Jason said...

well.. you have me wanting to try it now too!!! I will be ordering it today!

Alyson said...

Lynne, I am so proud of you! I always think that doing the videos are more fun than straight biking or ellipticalling so hope you keep it up :)