Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally breaking out the Pampered Chef...

Today I decided to bake some cookies with my Pampered Chef gear. I liked the Med Scoop a lot, super easy made nice uniform shape every time.
I also used my medium bar pan for the first time. I was not as impressed- I knew going in that it would not be big enough to bake many cookies- I managed to get about 6 on. It said that the stoneware would take a little longer to bake things that had 10 or less minute baking times. Maybe I just haven't gotten the hang of it yet but I quickly switched to my regular cookie sheet.

I also used my mixer for the second time- it isn't pretty but it got the job done! Strangely enough it's ugliness matches the rest my my dated appliances- so I guess thanks dad for thinking of my ugly kitchen when you gave me this.

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Kristel and John said...

they look tasty! do we not get a recipe? I like the new 'cooking' (will you make it a) feature :)