Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Breakup...

So last week I broke it off with Facebook. Yeah I know. Just follow me here. Since discovering the art of blogging about a year ago, I started using facebook less and less. Pictures or stories I would have posted there, I posted here. Posting in both places was 100% completely not worth my time. (Cause you know, my time is valuable- for things like bad TV and surfing the web) The only thing I was still using my facebook account for was checking up on the things my friends were doing, who broke up, who went out, what job did they get, etc. But facebook started to change and evolve. When they switched their front page to be more like twitter- I didn't complain to much- I was already using twitter after all, and I for one never ever liked using facebook's status update system anyway. So all in all things weren't to bad for me. But a couple of weeks ago facebook did the unthinkable: yes I said it. They got rid of the page where you checked if any of your friends have made an update. That was quite literally the only thing I was still using facebook for. What facebook? I cannot click a button that will tell me who has recently changed their profile???? Well I thought- that is it facebook -you and I are done! So naturally I ended things, and it went a little something like this: Dear Facebook, I think we need to breakup. We stopped enjoying eachother some time ago. If you need closure you can find me here, and here. So that is it, I did it! Like with all breakups it doesn't matter if you have the best intentions. You can delete the number from your phone with the intention to never call again, but with someone you have known so long and well, it doesn't matter, you have got that number memorized. You have lapses. You log in, just to check to make sure they miss you. You have some friends that forget you two broke up, some that know no other way to contact you. So alas here Facebook and I are- in a lapse. What do you think- Should I continue to cut facebook?
P.S. Today I have sad work hair again.

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